NYS&W Bicycle and Pedestrian Path

NYSWWebsiteMapThe NYS&W Bicycle and Pedestrian Path will be a 4.8 mile shared-use path starting at River Drive in Pequannock and ending at the Mountain View Train Station in Wayne. The path will be constructed on top of the existing railroad bed of the New York, Susquehanna, and Western (NYS&W) Railway. This section of the NYS&W railroad has been embargoed and is inactive. The paved path will be separated from automobile traffic; although, there will be path crossings on streets along the corridor. The path will serve as a transportation and recreational facility that will connect residents, commuters, and visitors with area parks, schools, libraries, businesses, and transit.

Morris County received federal funding to conduct to a feasibility study for the path. The completed study demonstrated a need for the path, recommended a preferred alignment, and identified associated impacts which need to be considered as the project advances. After the scoping study was completed, federal funding was secured for right-of-way acquisition, design, and construction of the project. FHWA issued approvals to advance the path into the Final Design Phase. This phase, started in December 2009, includes field surveys, data collection, environmental testing, and design. The title search and appraisal of the rail corridor was completed in 2013 in order to proceed with purchase of the railroad.

Advancement of the NYS&W Bicycle and Pedestrian Path continues with the following tasks:

  • Complete environmental testing of the railroad bed to determine required mitigation
  • Complete the purchase of the railroad from NYS&W
  • Complete the Final Design Phase of the project
  • Construct the bicycle and pedestrian path

When complete, the NYS&W Bicycle and Pedestrian Path will be owned by Morris County and maintained by the Morris County Park Commission. Future connections with other trail systems will continue to be evaluated.