County Roads

These roads are maintained by the County of Morris. To report a pothole, please report it via e-mail to [email protected] or call the county garage in Hanover Township at 973-285-6763.

MunicipalityRoute NumberStreet Name
Boonton Town202Main St
Boonton Town202Myrtle Ave
Boonton Town202Washington St
Lincoln Park Borough202Boonton Tpke
Lincoln Park Borough202Main St
Montville Township202Firehouse Rd
Montville Township202Main Rd
Montville Township202Whitehall Rd
Morris Plains Borough202Littleton Rd
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township202Intervale Rd
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township202Littleton Rd
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township202Parsippany Blvd
Lincoln Park Borough504Jacksonville Rd
Montville Township504Jacksonville Rd
Pequannock Township
504Jacksonville Rd
Pequannock Township
504Newark Pompton Tpke
Chester Borough510E. Main St
Chester Borough510Mendham Rd 
Chester Township510Mendham Rd / Old Rt 24
Florham Park Borough510Columbia Tpke
Hanover Township510Columbia Tpke
Mendham Borough510E. Main St
Mendham Borough510W. Main St
Mendham Township510Mendham Rd
Morris Township510Columbia Rd 
Morris Township510Lindsley Dr
Morris Township510Mendham Ave
Morris Township510Mendham Rd
Morristown Town510Lafayette Ave
Morristown Town510Mendham Ave
Morristown Town510Morris Ave
Morristown Town510Morris St
Morristown Town510Washington St
Boonton Town511Boonton Ave
Boonton Town511Main St
Boonton Township511Boonton Ave
Butler Borough511Boonton Ave
Hanover Township511Parsippany Rd
Hanover Township511Whippany Rd
Kinnelon Borough511Boonton Ave
Montville Township511Boonton Ave
Morris Township511Whippany Rd
Morristown Town511Lafayette Ave
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township511Parsippany Rd
Long Hill Township512Valley Rd
Chester Borough513Main St
Chester Borough513North Rd
Chester Borough513W. Main St
Chester Township513North Rd
Chester Township513W. Main St
Chester Township513Washington Tpke
Dover Town513E. Blackwell St
Dover Town513Prospect St
Dover Town513Reservoir Ave
Dover Town513W. Blackwell St
Jefferson Township513Green Pond Rd
Randolph Township513Dover Chester Rd
Randolph Township513Quaker Church Rd
Randolph Township513Reservoir Ave
Rockaway Borough513Church St
Rockaway Borough513Halsey Ave
Rockaway Borough513Hibernia Ave
Rockaway Borough513W. Main St
Rockaway Borough513Wall St
Rockaway Township513Dover Rockaway Rd
Rockaway Township513E. Blackwell St
Rockaway Township513Green Pond Rd
Washington Township513E. Mill Rd
Washington Township513W. Mill Rd
Washington Township517Fairmount Rd
Washington Township517Schooleys Mountain Rd
Mendham Borough525Bernardsville Rd
Mendham Borough525Hilltop Rd
Long Hill Township531Mountain Ave
Chatham Township601Spring Valley Rd
Harding Township601Spring Valley Rd
Morris Township601South St
Morris Township601Spring Valley Rd
Morristown Town601South St
Roxbury Township602Lakeside Blvd
Boonton Township603Old Denville Rd
Denville Township603Bush Rd
Denville Township603Diamond Spring Rd
Denville Township603Old Boonton Rd
Denville Township603River Rd
Harding Township604Long Hill Rd
Long Hill Township604New Vernon Rd
Long Hill Township605Division Ave
Long Hill Township605Long Hill Rd
Long Hill Township606Plainfield Rd
Chatham Borough607N. Passaic Ave
Florham Park Borough607Passaic Ave
Florham Park Borough608Ridgedale Ave
Madison Borough608Central Ave
East Hanover Township609Hanover Rd
Florham Park Borough609Hanover Rd
East Hanover Township610Mount Pleasant Ave
East Hanover Township611Eagle Rock Ave
Mt Olive Township612Bartley Chester Rd
Mt Olive Township612Flanders Bartley Rd
Mt Olive Township613Drakesdale Rd
Mt Olive Township613Flanders Netcong Rd
Mt Olive Township613Main Rd
Jefferson Township615Edison Rd
Jefferson Township615Espanong Rd
Jefferson Township615Howard Blvd
Mt Arlington Borough615Howard Blvd
Roxbury Township615Howard Blvd
Mt Arlington Borough616Altenbrand Ave
Mt Arlington Borough616Mt. Arlington Blvd
Mt Arlington Borough616Windemere Ave
Roxbury Township616Mount Arlington Blvd
Morris Township617Sussex Ave
Morris Township617Sussex Tpke
Morristown Town617Sussex Ave 
Randolph Township617Sussex Tpke
Boonton Town618Elcock Ave
Boonton Township618Powerville Rd
Butler Borough618Kiel Ave
Kinnelon Borough618Kinnelon Rd
Mountain Lakes Borough618Boulevard
Mt Olive Township619Hillside Ave
Mt Olive Township619North Rd
Roxbury Township619Hillside Ave
Montville Township621Changebridge Rd
Hanover Township622Whippany Rd
Florham Park Borough623Park Ave
Hanover Township623Park Ave
Madison Borough623Park Ave
Morris Township623Park Ave
Boonton Town624Hawkins Pl
Boonton Town624Main St
Boonton Town624W Main St
Mt Olive Township625Bartley Chester Rd
Mt Olive Township625Bartley Rd
Washington Township625Bartley Rd
Chatham Township628Shunpike Rd
Madison Borough628Shunpike Rd
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township630Littleton Rd
Netcong Borough631Allen St
Roxbury Township631Center St
Roxbury Township631Lakeside Blvd
Roxbury Township631Landing Rd
East Hanover Township632Ridgedale Ave
Florham Park Borough632Ridgedale Ave
Lincoln Park Borough633Main St
Wharton Borough634Main St
Pequannock Township635Lincoln Park Rd
Pequannock Township635Oak Ave
Chatham Township636Loantaka Way
Madison Borough636Loantaka Way
Hanover Township637Troy Hills Rd
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township637S. Beverwyck Rd
Chatham Borough638Fairmount Ave
Chatham Township638Fairmount Ave
Chatham Township638Meyersville Rd
Long Hill Township638Meyersville Rd
Long Hill Township638Mountain Ave
Mine Hill Township640Randolph Ave
Jefferson Township642W. Dewey Ave
Rockaway Township642W. Dewey Ave
Roxbury Township642Berkshire Valley Rd
Roxbury Township642Kenvil Ave
Roxbury Township642W. Dewey Ave
Wharton Borough642E. Dewey Ave
Wharton Borough642W. Dewey Ave
Dover Town643N. Morris St
Dover Town643S. Morris St
Randolph Township643S. Morris St
Rockaway Borough644E. Main St
Chatham Borough646Watchung Ave
Chatham Township646Green Village Rd
Chatham Township646Shunpike Rd
Harding Township646Glen Alpin Rd
Harding Township646Green Village Rd
Harding Township646Tempe Wick Rd
Harding Township646Village Rd
Madison Borough646Shunpike Rd
Mendham Borough646Tempe Wick Rd
Mendham Township646Tempe Wick Rd
Chatham Township647Green Village Rd
Chatham Township647Passaic St
Chatham Township647River Rd
Chatham Township647Southern Blvd
Madison Borough647Green Village Rd
Morristown Town648Court St
Hanover Township650E. Hanover Ave
Morris Plains Borough650E. Hanover Ave
Morris Plains Borough650W. Hanover Ave
Morris Township650E. Hanover Ave
Morris Township650W. Hanover Ave
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township650W. Hanover Ave
Randolph Township650W. Hanover Ave
Riverdale Borough651Riverdale Rd
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township654Cherry Hill Rd
Montville Township655Whitehall Rd
Dover Town656Millbrook Ave
Randolph Township656Millbrook Ave
Long Hill Township657Basking Ridge Rd
Long Hill Township657Long Hill Rd
Dover Town659W. Blackwell St
Pequannock Township
660Newark Pompton Tpke
Dover Town661Mount Hope Ave
Rockaway Township661Mount Hope Ave
Mine Hill Township662Randolph Ave
Randolph Township662Randolph Ave
Harding Township663Blue Mill Rd
Harding Township663James St
Harding Township663Lees Hill Rd
Morris Township663James St
Morristown Town663James St
Rockaway Borough664Academy St
Rockaway Borough664Mount Hope Rd
Rockaway Borough664Wall St
Rockaway Township664Mount Hope Rd
Dover Town665S. Salem St
Randolph Township665S. Salem St
Victory Gardens Borough665S. Salem St
Mt Olive Township667Flanders Rd
Mt Olive Township667Mount Olive Rd
Hanover Township668Highview Ave
Mine Hill Township669Canfield Ave
Randolph Township669Canfield Ave
Dover Town670Van Nostrand Ave
Randolph Township670Center Grove Rd
Randolph Township670Millbrook Ave
Randolph Township670School House Rd
Morris Township671John St
Pequannock Township
680Jackson Ave
Riverdale Borough694Paterson Hamburg Tpke
Jefferson Township699Berkshire Valley Rd
Lincoln Park Borough511AComly Rd
Lincoln Park Borough511ARyerson Rd
Pequannock Township
Pequannock Township
511ALincoln Park Rd
Riverdale Borough511APaterson Hamburg Tpke
Boonton Town624AW. Main St
Lincoln Park Borough633AChapel Hill Rd
Montville Township655AMain Rd